Tips on Getting a Programming Job during a Pandemic

It is no secret that the recent coronavirus pandemic has had a terrible effect on the global economy. Along with infecting and killing thousands of people, government issued guidelines put millions out of work. Entertainment, restaurant, and flight companies are just a few of the industries negatively impacted by the pandemic humanity currently faces. However, luckily for computer programmers, most of our work can be done anywhere on the planet (as long as you have a wifi signal). While you might have a tough time finding a job as a food server right now, most computer programmers are still at work from the comforts of their own home. This means the hiring market for our profession has not shown much stagnation during this daunting era. Although getting a job right now is not the easiest feat to accomplish, it is feasible. Here are some adjustments you can make to your job hunting procedure to better your chances of getting a job during the coronavirus pandemic!

Network, network, network!

Keep your Skills Sharp!

Use your Time to Chase a Goal

Do Your Market Research

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