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Working in software engineering comes with many blessings. It has one of the most lax work environments in any industry, it involves building new technology for the future, and it pays really well! However, some companies invest more into their software engineers than others. As an entry-level engineer, you should not be too concerned about pay. Building up your experience matters more than your compensation, but that does not mean compensation does not matter! Here are the top 5 companies that offer the highest average salaries to their entry-level software engineers!

5. Oracle

Oracle is a computer technology corporation based in Redwood City, CA. Their products are split into two categories: infrastructure and applications. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is centered around delivering a high-performance computing power back-end service to companies with massive databases. It directly competes with Amazon Web Services. Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications provides high-level app development to their consumers, developing the frameworks for softwares like DocuSign, EmblemHealth, and Hearst. The average entry-level engineer at Oracle is paid $175,000 annually. …

Running low on cash? Need to get rid of some old stuff? Now-a-days, anyone can use some extra money! Selling your possessions online is a great way to generate some income for yourself! However, selling your old stuff can be tedious. Here are some tips on how to sell your things online!

Pick A Platform

There are a large variety of platforms you can sell your stuff online. Some platforms are specifically designed for certain categories of items, like arts and crafts. Other platforms, like, are more geared towards getting your listing viewed by as many people as possible and increasing your chances of selling your item. …


Granit Haxhaj

Full Stack Software Engineer

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